Our Team

KGO proactively manages your renovation, relocation or new building project. We become an integral part of the project process performing overall planning, creating schedules, creating and maintaining project budgets, procuring competitive and best prices, ensuring quality, and anticipating and resolving issues.

Our team-oriented approach creates smooth running projects where the team members—the architects and designers, contractors and vendors—are proud to be involved.

KGO approaches each project as if it were our own. We become an extension to your staff bringing an expertise to your side.

Richard Kennington


Selva Gunenc



Jennifer Olson


Marci Augustin

Managing Director

Victor Boswell


Heather Davis

Director, Change Management + Employee Experience

André Mayers

Senior Project Manager

Ellen Sywolski

Senior Project Manager

Jake Burk

Senior Project Manager

Jason Acors

Senior Project Manager

John Kennington

Senior Project Manager

Sarah Hunley

Senior Project Manager

Efe Halici

Senior Project Manager

Alex Hoar

Project Manager

Aylan Hisirci

Project Manager

Megan Chism

Project Manager

Sean Friedman

Project Manager

Cassandra Miller

Marketing Manager

Samantha Buzaid

Business Development Manager

Elizabeth Wallace

Project Manager / Operations Manager

David Kennington

IT Manager