Bid Phase

Contracting Strategy

There are many methods for involving and contracting with a general contractor (lump sum, guaranteed maximum cost, cost plus fee, etc.). We help you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses for each delivery method and then assist in selecting the best method to achieve the desired project objectives.


Contract Finalization

We will work with your attorney and review the agreement with the general contractor for completeness and to help ensure the inclusion of all general, special and supplementary conditions, allowances, alternatives, unit prices, exhibits, bonds and insurance.


Contractor Pre-Qualification Assistance

We help the team select a list of suitable general contractors as qualified bidders. We assist the team in evaluating the qualifications of each pre-qualified contractor in terms of stability, similar project experience, staff expertise and availability, schedule and quality performance, cost track record and bonding capacity. Since we are hiring general contractors regularly, we know the companies who are very price competitive, accomplish what they promise, and provide quality work.


Contractor Request for Proposal

We assist the architect in preparing a Request for Proposal (RFP) that clearly depicts the intended scope of the work for issuance to the bidding contractors. The RFP will include the construction documents, project specifications, and project manual, along with the contractor agreement. A well defined RFP will help the bidders prepare an accurate bid, and it will help the team evaluate the qualifications of each responding contractor.


Pre-Bid Conference

We arrange and conduct a pre-bid conference including development of an invitation for contractors, agenda preparation, conference direction, and coordination between the team members in resolving inquiries.


Proposal/Bid Analysis

We evaluate every contractor’s proposal received to ensure compliance and responsiveness to the Request for Proposal. We review alternates, base contract bids, unit prices, allowances and exhibits for each of the bidding contractors. We then make recommendations to you regarding the award of the contract.


Contract Award

We assist in the negotiation and finalization of the construction contract with the successful bidder.