Change Management Services

KGO approaches projects as an opportunity to enhance an organization’s culture and to create a positive experience for staff. We believe in addition to building the ideal office space for organizations and executing successful relocations, creating an effective communication and change management plan for our clients is paramount to the success of their projects.

When KGO performs Change Management, our approach focuses on the people side of the business in order to ensure that our client’s staff thrive throughout the relocation process. In executing Change Management, KGO partners with our clients to create a communications plan and a change management strategy. The intention is to keep our clients’ staff feeling involved, empowered, and excited about the relocation.

KGO Change Management Services

  • Help client define the change strategy
  • Assess the scope of the change
  • Identify the change project requirements
  • Develop change project budget
  • Design the change management project
  • Create and monitor the project plan
  • Set the project milestones
  • Help to identify the key sponsors and change agents
  • Create a roles and responsibilities matrix
  • Build the sponsorship model
  • Support the sponsor’s participation
  • Form the project teams
  • Implement the project plan
  • Attend meetings with the project team
  • Perform a relocation impact assessment plan
  • Monitor the project plan and milestones
  • Develop the communications plan
  • Assist in developing communication materials
  • Develop the resistance management plan
  • Prepare survey
  • Gather and analyze feedback
  • Diagnose gaps in desired outcomes
  • Assist in implementing corrective action
  • Develop reinforcement plan
  • Design rewards and celebrations