Construction Phase

Pre-Construction Conference

We attend the pre-construction conference and represent you in matters affecting procedures, progress, potential problems, costs and schedule.


Progress Meetings

We attend progress meetings with the landlord, contractor, architect, and other consultants. We represent you in all matters including procedures, progress, costs and potential problems.


Construction Schedule Control

We review the contractor’s “as-planned schedule” to determine any inconsistencies in the proposed project term and advise the team of its acceptability as a basis for monitoring progress, evaluating payment requisitions and evaluating time requests. Throughout the project, we evaluate the contractor’s performance related to the contractor’s updated schedule. When slippage occurs, we work with the team to resolve any problems and to bring the project back on-schedule.  


Schedule of Values Review

We review each category in the contractor’s schedule of values to ensure appropriate allocations to each pay item. This helps to eliminate overpayments on future work and “front-end loading” by the contractor.  


Payment Application Reviews

Each month we review the contractor’s application for payment and evaluate it against the value of the work in-place. We also evaluate the conformance of the work to the plans and specifications. Following our analysis, we make a recommendation to the team regarding payment to the contractor.


Change Order Evaluations

We review change order proposals submitted by the contractor for your initiated changes or contractor change requests. We evaluate the change proposal in terms of entitlement. Where the contractor is not entitled to a change, we assist the architect in preparing the appropriate response to the contractor. For the entitled change order requests, we independently evaluate the cost and time impact, and then negotiate an equitable resolution of the change.


Submittals Control

We track and expedite submittals commencing with the review of the contractor’s submittal schedule. Throughout the project, we monitor and expedite the contractor’s submissions and the architect and engineers’ review and turn around of the submissions.


Landlord Coordination

We will perform all coordination and communications with the landlord including preparing and managing the monthly funding packages to the landlord requesting disbursements of the tenant improvement allowance, tracking the disbursement of funds by the landlord, responding to the landlord’s requests and directives, and monitoring and expediting any work the landlord is responsible to complete related to the project.




Voice and Data Cabling

We will assist in the hiring of a telephone and data cabling contractor via putting together a Request for Proposal, soliciting bids, evaluating those bids, and making a recommendation to you. Once the successful cabling contractor is selected, we will coordinate the work of a cabling vendor with the landlord/contractor.


Furniture Services

We will work with you to determine what existing furniture can be relocated to the new space and assist in identifying appropriate furniture vendors for new and used furniture. We will also assist in procuring pricing and in evaluating the furniture vendors’ proposals. We will help you hire the successful furniture vendor and schedule and coordinate the work of the furniture vendor with the general contractor and other vendors.



Testing Agency Management

If required for the project, we develop the selection criteria and scope of work for the performance of an independent testing and inspection firm. The selection criteria will help you evaluate the proposals and negotiate a contract. During construction we schedule and monitor the work of the testing company.


Correspondence Review

We receive and review the project-related correspondence generated by the landlord, developer, architect and/or contractor. When needed, we either draft responses for you or offer suggestions to the team as to the appropriate responses.


Substantial Completion

We assist the architect in determining when the project is substantially complete. We also assist the architect in preparing a list of work that needs to be corrected or completed—the punchlist.


Punchlist Review

We will monitor the general contractor’s progress related to completing the punchlist and expedite the punchlist work if necessary. We will coordinate with the sign-off of the completed punchlist with you and the architect.


Final Completion

In consultation with the team, we determine when the project and the contractor’s work is finally completed; including the submission of all close-out documents such as warranties, as-built drawings, operations manuals, final lien releases, etc.