Design Phase

Progress Meetings

We attend progress meetings with the team and represent you in all matters including procedures, progress, cost and potential problems.


Planning Concepts/Alternatives

As the architect develops concepts, we analyze the alternatives in terms of scheduling and cost, and assist the team in identifying the most economical and efficient construction solution to achieve the desired design objectives.


Early Procurement Advice

As the architect develops the design, we identify any long lead materials or equipment that may require advance ordering before signing the contractor’s agreement. We will contact the manufacturers of any long lead items to confirm the procurement periods. For those items that need to be purchased early, we assist you in bidding, contracting and procuring them. Once the general contractor is on-board, we transfer the responsibility of expediting and installing these items to them.


Cost Estimating

At the end of the design development phase, we can prepare a detailed cost estimate. This estimate helps the team ensure the project is being designed within the established budget.


Value Engineering

Using our cost estimate as a base, we evaluate the various systems’ cost for the project and, where appropriate, identify alternative design systems or different methods of construction that provide equal or superior performance at a lower cost.


Schedule Control

We monitor and manage the progress of each activity on the detailed master schedule. When needed, we take the necessary actions to ensure the project schedule is maintained.


Design Documents Quality Checks
(Constructability Reviews)

Near the end of the construction document phase, we review the documents to help identify any conflicts and problems. This review minimizes future problems, change orders and document errors.


Construction Schedule Planning

We assist in identifying a realistic time period for the construction phase and, when needed, in planning the construction phase activities. This planning takes into consideration the long lead items and constraints posed by the site and/or building. Through appropriate and thorough planning, and schedule management, we will avoid the common problem of having too much work to complete at the project’s end.


Building Permit Assistance

As the design nears completion, we assist in hiring the appropriate permit expediter and then monitor their procurement of the building permit for the project.