Pre-Design Phase

Master Scheduling

In cooperation with the architect, engineers, consultants and other members of the project design team, we will develop a master schedule which identifies the major planning, design, bidding, permits, and construction components, and their anticipated duration. This schedule will identify the tasks of the consultants, designers, contractors, landlord/developer and the user. It will include the design submittals and approvals, permits and agency reviews, bid periods, construction work, and move-in and occupancy sequencing. The Master Schedule will be the tool used by the team to ensure that the project is completed as planned.


Base Building Evaluation

We will visit the base building and confirm that the landlord/developer has met their lease obligations in regard to the architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and equipment. We will identify items that are unusual or may cause construction problems. This review will help the team ensure that money is not spent correcting base building problems.


Master Project Budget

We will create a budget that will include money for the design and construction costs for the project and a design and construction contingency. This budget will be refined as the plans develop from conceptual through construction drawings. Throughout the project, we will monitor costs against the budget and, when necessary, we will take the steps required to help ensure that the budget is met. A realistic budget, monitored and updated regularly, is the tool the team uses to ensure the project’s cost restraints are met.


Architect/Engineer Selection

We will assist in the selection of architects and engineers by pre-qualifying firms, developing and transmitting the Request for Proposal (RFP), answering questions, conducting interviews and evaluating written proposals and the candidates. Once the candidate is selected, we will assist in the preparation and negotiation of the agreement with the architect/engineer.