Workplace Return & Employee Safety Plan



Conduct Surveys
✓  Employee wellbeing
✓  Technology resources
✓  Productivity

Furniture Considerations

✓  Add additional barriers between individual workspaces
✓  Remove furniture from shared space/amenity spaces/conference rooms, etc.

Workspace Modifications
✓  Develop a social distancing plan
✓  Develop guidelines for maintaining cleanliness of furniture, fixtures and equipment within personal & shared spaces

Re-Entry Protocols & Communications
✓  Return to work policies
✓  Travel & commute policies
✓  Business operating procedures


Furniture Considerations
✓  Reconfigure FF&E within existing floor plans
✓  Determine alternative specifications & antimicrobial finishes (for projects in process)

Workspace Modifications

✓  Develop a de-densification plan
✓  Create new circulation routes
✓  Implement physical markers & signage throughout the workplace to reinforce:

Resource Planning & Staffing Re-alignment
✓  Determine realistic options for developing A/B workforces

Federal & CDC Guidelines
✓  Monitor updates & ensure internal compliance with federal mandates & recommendations


Workspace Repositioning
✓  Update/modify workplace strategy & occupancy planning
✓  Update/modify workplace standards
✓  Reconfigure & restack office plans
✓  Develop budgets for any renovations & reconfigurations 

Evaluate & Modify Workflows