Project Management

Completing a real estate project can be intimidating and resource intensive. Whether you need a dedicated project manager for a single project or supplemental support for multiple on-going facility jobs, KGO is here. We provide the resources and expertise to ensure that the best decisions are made and solutions are developed to achieve your goals.    

We’re masters of planning, communicating and managing the construction of your workspace smoothly, on budget, on-time, with minimized risk – all while making sure the finished space aligns with your business goals. 

Every project is unique. Each project requires your project manager to understand your vision, values, and goals beyond “on-time and on-budget.”

We will make sure your vision is brought to life through a completely transparent process. We not only have the technical expertise, but  the communication and coordination skills to assure you and your internal team are informed of both progress and challenges. We seamlessly include your key stakeholders into the entire process.   

Our custom, hands-on approach means we:  

    • Help you plan the most effective project for your needs   
    • Provide your team the insights and information to stay informed and when needed, make hard decisions   
    • Communicate progress data regarding cost, risk, and schedule in a clear and comprehensive manner using our proprietary technology 
    • Continually keep your vision in mind so that the finished product will be your perfect space  

Enlist a construction project manager to save time and money on your build. 

Our project managers have experience overseeing high-stakes building projects in a variety of industries throughout Washington, DC and Baltimore – even nationally and internationally. Add a construction project manager to your team to stay on-budget, on-time and free of setbacks.  

Project Management Service Offerings

Planning and Pre-construction

• Due Diligence Studies
• Feasibility Analysis
• Master Planning
• Cost Estimating
• Master Scheduling
• Master Budgeting
• Procurement of Vendors and Consultants

Design Phase

• Design Review and Tracking
• Design Document Quality Checks
• Value Engineering
• General Contractor Procurement
• Tracking of General Contractor Budget and Schedule
• Cost Projections and Client Reporting
• Building Permit Assistance

Construction Management and Project Closeout

• Quality Assurance and Control
• Construction Progress Assessment
• Project Cost Approval
• Change Order Evaluations
• Vendor and Consultant Management
• Warranty Management
• Substantial Completion Punch List
• Close-out

Staff Augmentation

Our team can work directly with your existing team to help complete your project. Our SME's are available to do portions of projects when you need additional resources, giving you flexibility without having to commit to long-term staffing.

Let’s start with one project.

Read on to uncover what makes project management for commercial real estate different from other industries. Along the way, you will discover how KGO’s Washington, DC based construction project management team  can help you achieve your business goals while saving time and money. 

In construction, project managers aim to deliver your project on-time, on-budget and with minimal setbacks along the way. They achieve this goal by overseeing each aspect of your project–including people, materials, plans and budgets. Their support ensures each member of your project team is on task. Plus, they provide crucial oversight for the completion and quality of work.   

Our project managers are not just in charge of verifying work is completed, but also act as the point person uniting the various stakeholders involved in your project. Our clear and timely communication is essential to keeping all parties informed of the progress. This includes the company enlisting our support, the construction staff working on-site, architects and more. 

Above all, construction project managers act as a trusted representative to your team, providing expert advice on navigating your project and overseeing each phase so all goals are met. 

In commercial real estate construction, project management can be divided into a few key phases. 

Phase 1: Scope development, budget development, and vendor procurement. 

During this phase, your project manager will collaborate with stakeholders to identify your unique goals. Once we have developed a feasible scope and budget, your project manager will draft RFPs for design and engineering services and general contractors. At this point, you can rely on us for expert guidance as we select architects, engineers, AV/IT vendors, and more.  

Phase 2: Designing the project. 

Next, it is time to transform your ideas into an actionable project plan. This includes dividing work into categories, which will inform the construction timeline and how work is allocated. Throughout this phase, your project manager will consider potential risks, so alternative strategies are available should the need arise. The project manager will also provide quality checks on design documents, and secure the permits necessary to complete the project 

Phase 3: Construction management and project close-out—where we turn over the successful project to the client. 

As your project moves into action, your KGO construction project manager will take the lead on-site. There, they monitor tasks to minimize risk and ensure work is completed with quality at the forefront. Through real-time evaluation of the progress and risks, they work to ensure your goals are being met throughout the construction. 

Once the build is complete, your project manager will oversee the transition. During this process, we ensure that everything functions properly, punch lists are completed, and your team is prepared to move in and maintain the new space.  

From initiation through completion, our project managers are present throughout each stage of the project lifecycle to provide guidance and ensure that goals are met. KGO approaches each project as if it were our own. We become an extension of you, bringing expertise to your side. 

We save our clients money through our experience in: 

  • Knowing the right contractors and vendors; 
  • Creating and maintaining an accurate project budget; 
  • Procuring and negotiating with the design professionals; 
  • Recommending cost saving alternatives during the design phase (value engineering); 
  • Evaluating the design to minimize mistakes in the documents; 
  • Hiring and negotiating with general contractors and vendors; 
  • Negotiating change orders; 
  • Monitoring the construction to ensure quality; 
  • Ensuring the work required by others (landlords, developers, etc.) is performed at their cost. 

We develop a budget for all project costs including professional design services, building permits, construction, voice and data cabling, telephone equipment, moving, and furniture along with appropriate project contingencies. 

Throughout the project, we update the budget as the costs become refined. Because of our extensive experience, we know which contractors and vendors are best suited for your project and who are offering the best price. We also know the customary cost for the various budget items, and we ensure that the charges to our clients are appropriate. 

Sometimes you find yourself in need of additional support right in the middle of a project. If your project has gotten off-track, you need an expert in a specific area, or you simply need another set of eyes, our project managers can join your existing team. Through staff augmentation, you can leverage the expertise of KGO construction project managers without making a commitment to long-term staffing.  

When managing projects that demand an understanding of data centers, switchboard replacement, power systems or other specialized knowledge, inexperience can jeopardize their completion. Our project managers have experience in a variety of industries and can offer vital expertise to your existing project team. Supplementing your team with knowledgeable project managers can prevent further delays and keep costs within your budget.   

Projects often fall off-track when your existing personnel aren’t aligned with your needs. Common challenges include a lack of: 

  • Specialty knowledge 
  • Qualified vendors 
  • Overall contractor manpower  

When your project is met with setbacks, fast problem-solving is essential. Staff augmentation enables you to quickly strengthen your project team with knowledgeable individuals. Regardless of what challenges your project is facing, our experts will seamlessly adapt to your existing team.  

Although your project may only demand short-term resources, our project managers will make a lasting impact. With our help, your project team can get the support they need to move your project towards completion.   

Any company considering an office renovation or a new-build can benefit from construction project management. Additionally, the larger your project scope is, the more benefit you can see. 

Working with a construction project manager delivers three consistent results: 

  1. You have time to focus on your business goals. 
  2. Your project remains on-track, so no time or money is wasted on unnecessary tasks. 
  3. We can anticipate challenges and offer valuable guidance and practical solutions. 

We bring considerable experience to your project, allowing you to meet your goals and minimize setbacks. In fact, one of the most common challenges faced in commercial real estate project management is scope creep. Project managers maintain focus so time and money aren’t lost to tasks that don’t support the end goal.  

When you have strict deadlines to meet, practical and effective problem-solving is essential. Should any threats arise that jeopardize your goals, your construction project manager will identify solutions and make recommendations on how to proceed. However, they don’t just deal with problems as they appear, they’re also well-equipped to anticipate roadblocks, so solutions can be initialized quickly, and downtime is minimized.  

Construction project managers offer expert guidance throughout the planning phase and during the building process. Their expertise can be crucial when differentiating between contractor bids or developing solutions to challenges as they arise. The result is not only a considerable savings on time and money, but also a new space that exceeds your expectations. 

Get to know Project Manager, Alexa Garbis and learn more about our Project Management team.