Project Management

The execution of a real estate project can be intimidating and resource intensive. Whether you need a dedicated project manager for a single project or supplemental support for multiple on-going facility jobs, KGO is here to provide the resources and expertise to ensure that the best decisions and solutions are used to achieve your goals.   

We’re masters of planning, communicating and managing the construction of your workspace smoothly, in budget, on-time, with minimized risk and while making sure the finished building aligns with your business goals.

Every project is unique. Each project requires your project manager to understand your vision, values, and goals beyond “on-time and on-budget.”

We will make sure your vision is brought to life through a completely transparent process. We not only have the technical expertise, but most importantly the communication and coordination skills to assure you and your internal team are informed of both progress and challenges. We seamlessly include your key stakeholders into the process.  

Our custom, hands-on approach means we:  

    • Help you plan the most effective project for your needs   
    • Provide your team the insights and information to stay informed and when needed, make hard decisions   
    • Communicate progress data regarding cost, risk, and schedule in a clear and comprehensive manner using our proprietary technology 
    • Continually keep your vision in mind so that the finished product will be your perfect space  

"I need help with..."

Planning and Pre-construction

• Due Diligence Studies
• Feasibility Analysis
• Master Planning
• Cost Estimating
• Master Scheduling
• Master Budgeting
• Procurement of Vendors and Consultants

Design Phase

• Design Review and Tracking
• Design Document Quality Checks
• Value Engineering
• General Contractor Procurement
• Tracking of General Contractor Budget and Schedule
• Cost Projections and Client Reporting
• Building Permit Assistance

Construction Management and Project Closeout

• Quality Assurance and Control
• Construction Progress Assessment
• Project Cost Approval
• Change Order Evaluations
• Vendor and Consultant Management
• Warranty Management
• Substantial Completion Punch List
• Close-out

Staff Augmentation

Our team can work directly with your existing team to help complete your project. Our SME's are available to do portions of projects when you need additional resources, giving you flexibility without having to commit to long-term staffing.

Let’s start with one project.