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Managing Real Estate & Organizational Change

Adopting a hybrid working model?

Use our Space Optimizer to identify how your workforce will use your office post pandemic, and determine how you can reposition your real estate to support them.

Project Calculator
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Whether you are just starting your career as a facility manager or looking for a simple tool that guides you through the fundamentals of Project Budgeting, we have an exciting new gadget on the way!

Our Mission

We guide clients in the advancement of their future success through tailored solutions.

Our Story

KGO is a national certified women-owned business with offices in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD. Our clients keep coming back because our project managers, engineers, strategic planners, relocation experts, and change managers work as your strategic partner, but protect you like family. KGO is a platform for established and emerging leaders to explore new concepts and develop state of the art solutions.

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