Change Strategy + Engagement Services

Optimizing your People + Space

KGO's Change Strategy aligns your employee experience and work environment through periods of transition that prepare your workplace and talent for the future. Each strategy is tailored to build on the quantitative programming process, constructing a unique plan that ministers to your organization's developmental needs. KGO creates a road map to an innovative and collaborative workplace, resulting in engaged employees and management who knows how to effectively support them.

We listen, gather information, understand your business goals and help you establish your path to success to drive these outcomes. Our team provides the strategy and tools to implement and communicate change, while staying focused on employee engagement, retention and maximizing productivity. 


what is your strategy to maintain business continuity during transitions?

Recognize the Signs:

Cultural Indicators

// Ongoing Internal Conflict
// Culture Reboot
// Organizational Restructures
// Adapting to Mergers + Acquisitions
// Succession Planning
// Low Employee Engagement
// Silo Syndrome
// Retention Issues

Workplace Considerations

// Switch from Private to Open Offices
// Smaller Offices + Workstations
// Unassigned Seating
// Multiple Locations are Affected
// Company Relocation
// Increase in Teleworking
// Increase in Collaboration
// Workspace Changes


Our Strategies Allow you to Accomplish:

// Speed of Adjustment to Change in the Workplace
// Greater Productivity Driven by your Organization's Environment
// Improved Proficiency
// Mission Advancement
// Achieve Business Objectives