Workplace Return and Employee Safety Plan



Employee Scheduling & In-Office Arrangements
✓ Staggered arrivals, alternating workstations, etc.
Hygiene Protocols
✓ “Daily Checklist” of hygiene & personal safety
✓  Hand washing stations & self-cleaning resources
✓  Cleaning & contamination policies

Personal Protective Equipment Requirements
✓  Spaces where PPE is required
✓  Key/essential personal required to wear PPE
✓  Guidelines for obtaining & disposing PPE
✓  General instructions for appropriate fit & wear

Communications – New Workspace Behavior
✓  The “new arrival process”
✓  Guidelines for entering shared spaces, where to sit, room usage, & space clean up


Telework Policy Review & Recommendations

Custom Managerial Training:
✓  Building remote teams
✓  Best practices for virtual communication
✓  Effective interdepartmental communications

Behavior Compliance: 
✓  Distancing & self-isolation requirements
✓  How to “address safety concerns”
✓  Vendor, contractor & client interaction plans


“Work From Home” Policy Review & Recommendations
Employee Experience
✓  Review and revise onboarding protocols 
✓  Home office ergonomics
✓  Strategy for culture preservation

Communications & Engagement
✓  Guidelines for leading effective meetings
✓  Managing high-functioning remote teams
✓  Protocols for working as a remote team member
✓  Guidelines for effective participation in virtual meetings
✓  Remote communication best practices

Address Technology Needs
✓  Update cybersecurity requirements & technology resources
✓  Tips for adapting to new procedures & collaborative technology platforms