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Our project management team was tasked with overseeing the design and construction of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for a large utility company, a Fortune 500 entity. This involved planning and implementing infrastructure at 15 different sites across various states in the mid-Atlantic region, including locations in Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey.  The primary goal was to support the utility company’s initiative to convert its entire fleet to electric vehicles by 2030, aligning with its broader objectives of adopting green energy solutions and reducing its carbon footprint. 

By engaging all relevant stakeholders early and defining the project scope clearly, we significantly reduced change orders, resulting in lower overall costs. Collaboration with engineering firms, coupled with ongoing communication with the utility company’s engineering teams, allowed us to effectively streamline the process, ensuring each site was prepared for both present and future needs. Our team adeptly handled unforeseen changes, such as switches in vehicle types, without impacting the schedule, showcasing our ability to maintain project integrity and meet technical specifications.