How will you define your

Future Work Model?

A Hybrid Work Strategy

Companies and organizations are at an important point in planning how to function in a post-pandemic world. The uncertainty of entering a public health crisis nearly a year ago is now replaced with an opportunity to shape, evolve, and define the future.

KGO is an industry leader experienced in consulting with organizations to shift from the 2020 remote work experience to a post-pandemic future.  We work collaboratively with our clients to navigate the learnings from 2020 and determine which Future Work Model is best — all in-office model, all remote work, or a hybrid working model.

0 %
of employees want to work remotely three days a week or more.
0 %
of executives in U.S. Companies will adopt some form of remote or hybrid work model

3 Ways to Work in the Future

What work style is the best fit for your team?


Employees requiring office attendance to deliver their work with position descriptions requiring in-person intentional connections, cultural opportunities, mentoring, knowledge transfer


Employees who split their time by coming to the office for collaborative work needs and working remotely for heads down tasks


Employees who perform tasks and “head’s down” work 100% digitally who do not need to be in the office to perform their duties

0 %
of executives are planning to redesign office space for hybrid work
0 %
of employers have seen productivity improvement over a prolonged work-from-home period

Assess your future work model

KGO’s proprietary Space Optimizer will be used to capture your organization’s future vision and goals, to identify how the physical workplace can respond to best support your Future Work Model, and establish a “call to action” for your future work model.

Our Approach

Our process is backed by data, providing clear recommendations to get to your post-pandemic future.

  • Caputure remote work experience
  • Breakdown centric workspace options
  • Identify organizational drivers
  • Review utilization & space optimization
  • Provide clear and direct recommendations with ROI