In this blog series surrounding the Surgeon General’s Framework, we will be breaking down each of the five essentials for workplace mental-health & well-being and ways you can implement the recommendations into your workplace.

To read our recommendations on Essential 1: Protection from Harm, click here.


The next well-being essential focuses on our human need for both communication and connection in the workplace. For us to belong, we need to feel accepted and valued. This provides us comfort and security. When we feel the support of our colleagues, our minds can be more at ease, which allows us to contribute more openly and effectively in our roles.

According to the Surgeon General’s report, there are three primary components to supporting this essential. These things need to happen for a community with authentic employee connections to thrive:

  • Cultivate trusting relationships.
  • Foster collaboration and teamwork.
  • Create a culture of inclusion.

So, how do we begin to work towards or strengthen these (perhaps) existing elements in our workplaces? Let’s break it down.

KGO Team at work

It does not require a large budget or fancy incentives to build a strong, inclusive community, but it does require active participation from all team members.

Ways to Implement in Your Workplace – Essential 2 – Community and Connection

In Conclusion  

It’s evident that the power of community and connection in the workplace is immeasurable. These are not ideas but actionable steps that can be integrated into our daily work lives. By cultivating trust, fostering collaboration, and championing inclusion, we pave the way for a more productive and fulfilling work environment. Remember, it’s not about huge transformations happening overnight; it’s about the little things we do consistently that accumulate into a culture of well-being. So, take these insights, embrace them, and make a conscious effort to contribute positively to your workplace’s well-being. You have the capacity to make a significant impact, not only on your own life but on the lives of those around you, forging a stronger, more connected professional community for all.

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