In our last article, we introduced each of the Surgeon General’s Five Essentials for Workplace Mental-Health & Well-Being and discussed ways organizations can implement them into their current physical workplace.

In this blog series surrounding the Surgeon General’s Framework, we will be breaking down each of the five essentials for workplace mental-health & well-being and ways you can implement the recommendations into your workplace.

What is the importance of the Surgeon General’s report

Surgeon General’s Reports are comprehensive scientific documents prepared by experts. They are often landmark publications that identify and shape the science and culture of our public health. We have all heard from many sources that “mental health matters.” However, it is highly significant that a scientific institution is making the connection between this well-being and the workplace. Health and wellness are more than just physical well-being, and the Surgeon General has committed to taking a 360 degree look into what this means and how it can be done in the environment that most of us spend most of our time in – the workplace.   

As quoted on page 6 of their report – “mental-health is a must have.” This term is no longer just a buzz word or a trend. Organizations must understand this and more importantly that there are both tangible and intangible ways that they can move this needle forward. And we are here to tell you that it won’t take a large amount of time or resources to do so. 

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into the first essential – Protection from Harm.  


Surgeon General Office Graphic


Safety is one of the fundamental needs of humans. There are many human needs, such as food, water, air and shelter that need to be met to ensure survival. While going into the office may not be considered a “life or death” situation for most of us, there are still needs that must be provided to protect employees of all levels. 

The two most important needs in terms of a workplace are safety and security. Employees must feel safe from both physical and non-physical harm, as well as feel secure in their jobs (meaning financial security). If either of these workplace needs are not met, employees are just surviving, not thriving.

The Surgeon General’s Framework outlined 4 core components to make sure that your workplace protects your employees against harm. For each component, we will discuss both the tangible ideas that managers can implement (what employees can actually see), as well as the intangible ways (what employees will feel and not necessarily see).

Ways to Implement in Your Workplace – Essential 1 – Protect from Harm

In Conclusion  

At the end of the day, no one wants to see their employees or team suffer, whether that’s from burnout, mental illness, or not feeling included in day-to-day activities. Instead of simply protecting against harmful activities or mindsets, it’s important to take a proactive approach in preventing these situations from arising.  

Each item discussed in this article is an example you can implement today, many of them require little to no additional resources. So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step in creating a more empowering workplace that not only promotes well-being but is designed for it.  

Follow along in our next blog in the series, where we will tackle the second essential item on the Surgeon General’s list – Connection & Community.  

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