In this blog series surrounding the Surgeon General’s Framework, we will be breaking down each of the five essentials for workplace mental-health & well-being and ways you can implement the recommendations into your workplace.

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The next well-being essential focuses on ensuring employees “matter” in the workplace. In other words, they feel as if they are working for a purpose and are valued for who they are and what they contribute. 

According to the Surgeon General’s report, there are four primary components to supporting this essential. This personal dignity and meaningful impact are dependent on these elements: 

  • Provide a living wage. 
  • Engage employees in workplace decisions. 
  • Build a culture of gratitude and recognition. 
  • Ensure individuals are connected to the organizational mission. 

So, how do we begin to work towards or strengthen these elements in our workplaces? Let’s break it down. 

Coworkers collaborating

Ways to Implement in Your Workplace – Essential 4 – Mattering at Work

In Conclusion  

Fostering well-being and a sense of mattering at work involves a thoughtful approach. Providing a living wage is not just a matter of financial compensation; it’s a way to alleviate the burden of financial stress that can affect physical and mental health. Engaging employees in workplace decisions starts with asking questions, sharing opinions, and not underestimating the value of one’s voice. 

Building a culture of gratitude and recognition doesn’t require a grand overhaul of the workplace culture. Instead, it’s about providing recognition and showing gratitude in small but meaningful ways. These acts of kindness are powerful tools for making employees feel valued. Lastly, connecting individuals to the organization’s mission, even if it doesn’t align perfectly with personal passions, can lead to a sense of purpose, reduced stress, and a clearer path for positive change. 

You don’t need to create massive shifts all at once, but rather take small steps that can have a significant impact on well-being, job satisfaction, and productivity. By recognizing the importance of these elements and implementing the dos and don’ts provided, you can contribute to a workplace where employees genuinely feel that they matter and have a sense of purpose. 

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