Workplace Return and Employee Safety Plan

In the recent months and in response to COVID-19, employee expectations around workplace safety, cleanliness, and personal well-being have transformed dramatically, diverging our workplace ecosystem. Employers are now faced with the challenge to re-establish confidence within the workplace and employee experience.

In preparation for your organization’s return to the workplace, KGO has developed a survey to help employers grasp the state of their existing workforce, and gain a pulse on productivity, morale and employee expectations for what is to come following this global crisis. Join the leaders of tomorrow by taking time today to study what is happening in your organization and where changes within operations might need to be adjusted for the future.

Return Readiness Assessment


This survey will explore your employee’s work experience throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, including their perspective on change in work routine, organizational-wide operations, reporting structures, communications, and productivity – to include what is working and what isn’t with remote working.

From this survey, KGO will provide an overview of results that assess your organization’s existing state and provide key recommendations for strengthening existing strategies. As a first step, it is our goal to understand what elements may need to be redeveloped within existing policies, processes, and procedures, or reconfigured in the physical environment.

Key themes identified from this survey will then be utilized to customize toolkits and support plans including:

  • Telework Programs

  • Organizational Policies & Procedures

  • Technology Advancement

  • Communication Best Practices

  • Employee Well-being

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Workplace Reintegration

3 Components of Return Readiness:

Our Workplace Return and Employee Safety Plan outlines recommendations for key pre-return, short-term, and long-term initiatives, that will enable employers to sustain operations and gain control of their workplace return plan. KGO’s teams are prepared and ready to support you and your stakeholders by strengthening your organization’s well-being and advancing workplace safety within the three leading components of return readiness: change management, business operations, and building and landlord coordination.