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KGO is a Diverse Supplier – Why that Matters

Diversity is integral to building a knowledgeable and innovative team. Supplier diversity programs help companies build relationships with vendors from marginalized communities, including minority and veteran-owned businesses. These programs establish

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KGO Volunteers at 4myCity

In August, KGO gave back with a Day of Service at 4myCity in Baltimore. Learn more about their mission here, and check out the video below! https://vimeo.com/752126273

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Coordinating Hybrid Teams with Data

As companies begin implementing hybrid work strategies, office spaces are pivoting to become venues for connecting, collaborating, learning, and celebrating. However, many organizations have encountered challenges when it comes to

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Word of the Year

The team at KGO is always focused Knowledge, Growth, and Opportunity, on both the personal and professional level. Each year, team members at KGO select a “Word of the Year”

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